SIX for MEN is

Daily Sports Nutrition Supplement

Built to support the 6 key areas of active men’s health, the ingredients in SIX have been shown to help the: Heart, Muscle, Mind, Joint, Sex, and Energy systems in the body.


I can pinpoint specific improvements in my training that are due to SIX Nutrition. Including: Increased energy, better performance, faster recovery after workout and attentiveness.”

Jameson King

Actual Experiences

with SIX Nutrition’s VITAMINS for MEN:

Since I started taking SIX’s Vitamins for Men, I have noticed an increase in overall energy and performance on my rides. I also have noticed several key improvements including less back pain after workouts..”

W. Erikson

Overall I feel GREAT when I’m taking my SIX Nutrition Vitamins for Men pouches – definitely more long lasting energy and as a by-product of the energy, more motivation. Though from a more analytical perspective I can say that my performance has also improved. “

James J.

I’m a professional runner who has run 2:17 twice in marathons. Training consistently over 100 miles a week does a lot of damage to the body, so a high quality multi-vitamin supplement in necessary to avoid fatigue, illness, and injury. I’ve been taking SIX for over a month and am absolutely impressed by the results. I’ve noticed a lot of improvements in energy levels.”

Tyler McCandless

I feel good and I know it’s got good stuff in it so I make sure I take them every morning. I’ve always believed that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and these vitamins are one way to accomplish that.”

M. Murdock

I have good energy during my runs and workouts. I am taking nothing but SIX and an additional iron supplement (an old man thing) but I know the SIX is working for me.”

Brad Personal Trainer

I can honestly say that I was in the best shape of my life while I was on Six Nutrition’s Vitamins for Men multi-vitamin.”

Albi S.

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