Awaken Your True Desire.

An active and healthy sex life is one of the keys to a happy and balanced life. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose our youthful libido and sexual prowess.

SIX for Men is specially formulated to improve sexual function and bring back the spice to the bedroom. The natural ingredients in SIX were designed to balance your sexual hormones and may help you have the best sex of your life.


Key SEX ingredients include:

Saw Palmetto
Pumpkin Seed
Pygeum Africanum Bark
Maca Root

I’m 33yrs old, and while that is young to most people, I was certainly feeling my sports the next day and FINALLY admitted to myself that I was no longer 25… Taking SIX for a while now I LOVE IT! not only do i have the stamina for the sports but my recovery time is almost non existant. I feel fantastic the next day. Also i noticed that when I am done “playing” i’m still able to have some left in the tank for my 3 kids. My family has a history of heart problems so I am excited to FINALLY be getting the support I need for that (so is my wife). use it folks! It’s for real.”

Will Pigg

SIX for MEN is a staple in my daily routine. It’s simple. One packet a day, means I don’t have to think about it and I’m completely covered. The joint formula had also been perfect for me. I had been on the search for a good ASTAXANTHIN supplement and this is it. Probably the most underrated and beneficial ingredient in SIX Nutrition. Who doesn’t want a stronger heart, longer lasting joints, stronger muscles, a clearer mind, more energy and better sex…. Come on man, it’s a brainer!”

James Lawrence (the Iron Cowboy)

Create and Release Sex Hormones.

We’ve included niacin and pantothenic acid, two ingredients proven to help the body create and release sex hormones.

These sex hormones are mother nature’s way of letting your instincts take over. You’ll have healthier organs, more intuitive and pleasurable sex, and increase your desire.

Prostate Support.

As you age, the risk of an enlarged prostate increases.

To offset the risk of prostate issues, we recommend two natural supplements: saw palmetto and pumpkin seed. Saw palmetto and pumpkin seed have been used for centuries to help diminish the risk of serious prostate ailments. SIX is loaded with saw palmetto and pumpkin seed, so you’ll gain the benefits of these natural supplements.

Nature’s Viagra.

Maca root — commonly referred to as “nature’s Viagra” — and a boost of tribulus are natural ways to improve your libido and your sexual function.

Save yourself from embarrassing moments in which your body just doesn’t work the way it used to, while at the same time steering clear of some of the potentially harmful effects of prescription oriented remedies.

Increase Sexual Desire.

If you just haven’t felt turned on lately, there could be a reason for that.

You could be lacking proper sexual hormone function. That’s why we’ve included Pygeum Africanum Bark Extract: the body’s natural way of increasing sexual desire.

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