Strength and Confidence

Whether you just want to keep your muscles operating healthy, tone up, or build a large amount of muscle, SIX will give your body the nutrients it needs to grow and maintain muscle mass.

We’ve carefully picked every ingredient to help your body work with your anaerobic program — not against it. SIX works with foods high in protein and folic acid to help you grow, build, and tone your muscles.


Key MUSCLE ingredients include:

Folic Acid

I work out almost everyday and feel like I’ve plateaued. I’ve struggled to make gains since I passed the 30 year mark. After about 3 weeks of taking SIX, I started to make some modest gains in some of the lifts I do. I’ve dropped a few pounds and am starting to see some greater muscle mass in my shoulders, and legs. I actually feel like I’m getting stronger and I feel like I’m on a whole new level at the gym now.”

Scott Miller

Well this has been my first week on the vitamin and I must say “AWESOME”… I have been a wrestler and a bull-rider for a large part of my life and I have taken about every multi-vitamin and or supplement you can name and none has come close to the QUIET STORM this has been. The reason why I say quiet storm is because I feel like a beast as far as strength and energy but yet I am still calm and not all hyped up and jittery. So far this is the best I have taken and much easier to swallow than Mega Man Sport… I would take Mega Man in intervals to complete the six pills per dose… this one I can actually take all at once with no horrible after taste. I would like to be a part of this team, sign me up!”

Keith Gilliam

Metabolize Food Into Muscles.

One of the most important ways in which your body creates muscle is by metabolizing the proteins you eat into the building blocks of muscles.

That’s why we’ve included biotin, which has been proven to aid in the metabolism of the nutrients you eat into amino acids — the building blocks of muscles. You can’t build muscle without amino acids, so if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, perhaps it’s because your body isn’t metabolizing enough muscular building blocks. SIX’s amino acid supplements can help you leave that plateau and start building muscle again.

Increase Muscular Performance.

It isn’t enough just to build muscles.

If your muscles aren’t performing optimally, then you’re missing half the equation. Magnesium and zinc are proven to optimize muscle performance; that’s why athletes and bodybuilders increase their intake of these minerals before competing.

Build Muscles. Easier.

Of course, no muscle-building program would be complete without ingredients to aid in the actual growth of muscles.

Muscles require catalysts to begin the muscle-growth process. Without chromium or L-Arginine, you’ll hit a natural limit to the rate at which you can build muscles. We’ve packed these ingredients into SIX for Men to keep your body increasing its muscle mass.

Recover after workouts. Faster.

Amino acids, vitamins, proper nutrition, and a healthy sense of movement all contribute to the body’s natural ability to improve its own performance.

But one powerful little ingredient helps recover after strenuous exercise and it’s found in the right amounts in SIX for MEN. That ingredient is Astaxanthin. One of the many health benefits of Astaxanthin includes keeping muscle tissue in top shape so they can withstand shock and repair themselves faster after injury faster.

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