Your greatest assest is your ability to think.

To retain the sharpness and clarity-of-mind that are typically associated with youth, it’s important to treat your body well.

Eat well. Exercise. Get enough sleep. And give your brain the supplements it needs to function at peak performance. SIX is specially formulated with key vitamins and nutrients to help you focus better and to think more clearly.


Key MIND ingredients include:

Green Tea Extract

“[Increased focus] will be needed during longer training session and during racing when mental control is needed as well as strategic decisions have to be made when fatigued. Before taking Six Nutrition, and even during a two week period while not running, I was wearing my compression clothing to bed 2-3 times a week. This was to help aid in the recover due to a back-to-back hard days. I usually wore it when I knew that I’d be feeling it (fatigued) the next day or when I was already fatigued. The fatigue I’m referring to is muscle fatigue. Anyways, since using Six Nutrition, without even thinking about it, I haven’t used my compression clothes. I just haven’t felt the need. This includes a string of days that I did a 2 hr bike ride one day, 2 hrs again the next, and 3 the following!”

Jameson King, Triathlete

I’m finding that my mind has been more sharp and clear than it has been in years. My memory seems quicker and my ability to concentrate has increased.”

Scott Miller

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain.

One of the keys to a strong and healthy mind is ensuring that your brain remains healthy and does not degenerate.

That’s why we’ve included astaxanthin, a nutrient that helps protect the brain from abnormal neurological function.

Increase Focus.

One of the starkest things you’ll notice when you start taking SIX for Men is that you’ll be able to focus more clearly.

The combination of green tea extract, guarana seed extract, and vitamins B6, B2, and B1 help your brain focus better. Tea drinkers have known the benefits of green tea extract for years. The highly-concentrated green tea extract in SIX for Men gives you the benefits of concentration that you’ve come to expect.

The benefits of vitamin B6, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2 are widely known and well-documented. Vitamin B1 helps convert glucose into fuel, which gives your brain the fuel it needs to make it through the day. The benefit of Vitamin B6 is that it helps neurotransmitters function properly. Vitamin B6 is necessary if you want to improve your focus. The benefit of Vitamin B2 on your ability to focus is that it helps convert glucose into fuel and transmit messages throughout your brain.

Improve Your Mood.

It’s nearly impossible to focus if you’re cranky and irritable.

L-glutamine is a natural supplement that helps improve your mood. L-glutamine is one of the ingredients responsible for the pronounced change in how our customers feel after taking SIX for Men. If you feel happier and less stressed, you’ll be able to focus more.

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