It’s your strongest muscle and needs some love.

SIX for Men is jam-packed with ingredients that help your cardiovascular system stay healthy and strong.

Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body, so treat it well. By ensuring that your heart is getting the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to pump blood as efficiently as it can while producing healthy blood cells, you’ll ensure that you feel more energetic, healthier, and more pure than ever before.


Key HEART ingredients include:

Vitamin B

I had been taking multivitamins for years but I had to mix and match 3 or 4 different pills from a few different companies, this was annoying and I often would run out of pills at different times so it was not at all consistent. I found SIX and realized that not only could I get the consistency I wanted but also that I got an incredibly rounded vitamin. Within the first day of taking six I felt a difference. After only a week I noticed that I had increased energy and even more regularity in sleeping and other areas of my life. I cannot imagine life without SIX.”

Nate Farnsworth

I’ve been using Six For Men for roughly 3 weeks now and have been more than pleased with the boost of energy and stamina that I’ve been experiencing. One thing that I did not anticipate was how much this supplement helps with hangovers. I like to spend my weekend evenings enjoying either good wine or craft beers and have always paid for it the next day. Since I’ve been using Six, I haven’t had a hangover. Amazing! Thank you for creating such a great product!!!”

David Cross

Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease and High Blood Pressure.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are two important ways to prevent cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

However, that’s not all that’s necessary. Your body needs critical vitamins and nutrients to ensure the healthy functioning if the cardiovascular system. SIX for Men is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin D, which are both clinically proven to protect against cardiovascular disease and to normalize blood pressure. Coenzyme q10 (coq10) helps your heart stay healthy and high-functioning. The benefits of coq10 extend beyond cardiovascular help, which makes it a critical component of SIX for men.

Produce Healthy Blood Cells.

The healthiness of your heart and its ability to pump blood efficiently is one important piece of the cardiovascular health puzzle.

However, if the blood cells your heart produces are not healthy, then your health is still at risk. That’s why we’ve included vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. These ingredients help your heart produce healthy blood cells to deliver oxygen throughout your body in the most efficient way possible.

Strengthen Your Arteries and Prevent Blood Clots.

Even with a healthy heart and healthy blood cells, it’s important to make sure that your arteries are healthy and that your body can prevent blood clots. Vitamin K and Selenium, which are both included in SIX for men, are both clinically proven to prevent blood clotting and strengthen your arteries.

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