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Welcome to the Team Christine Eikmeier aka Johny Ringo

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We are proud to announce and welcome Pro Mountain Biker Christine Eikmeier AKA  Johny Ringo to the SIX Nutrition team.


“Ever since I was a young child, I have had a dedicated passion for mountain biking! Whether it’s shredding a downhill trail or powering up a steep climb, nothing brings more joy than riding mountain bikes. I’m currently based out of Murrieta, just north of San Diego, California because the weather and local trails allow me to ride and train all year round. I am grateful to be able to pursue my biking dream and ride/train as much as possible. I love racing competitively and find it fun, challenging, and exciting! 2013 was my first year racing downhill. I had such a blast and progressed quickly. During this time, I have had great support from my current sponsors.  Most of all, I want to have fun riding, and become the best rider I can, which is truly my dream”!

Ringo1 Ringo6

Southridge Winter Series 2015 Downhill (Pro Women) Winter Series   2rd Place

Southridge Winter Series 2015 Super D (Pro Women) Winter Series     3rd Place

Sea Otter Classic (CAT 1 Women)  2nd

USA Cycling National Championships (CAT 1 Women) 1st

California Golden State Series (Pro Women)                            1st

Mammoth Kamikaze (CAT 1 Women)                1st


We’re excited about her future and being able to be a part of the mountain biking community.  Reach out and follow her on her social media outlets.


While you’re at it, follow us too


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