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Hydrate! Hydrate! and Re-Hydrate!

Category : Hydra, Supplement Ingredients · by May 28th, 2014

Hydrate and Re-Hydrate!

If you’re reading this, you are a human and your body consists of 70% water. Guess what? Water evaporates. And when water evaporates from your body, it leaves you in a bad place–depleting you of hydration and precious, electrolytes. So, whether you’re running an Ultra across the Mohave, or just sitting at your desk–you need to hydrate and rehydrate often with HYDRA.

Hydrate and Re-hydrate




16 oz of water every morning helps increase your metabolism by 24 percent for the next 90 minutes. Also, muscle cells grow faster when they’re hydrated. Drink at lease one gallon of water through the course of the day.

To help athletes hydrate, we recently shared Hydra with Ultra Runners at the SIX Nutrition Salt Flats 100 and we were blown away with the response, for example, Sean said “I noticed a strong, but smooth influx in energy within about 15 minutes of taking this product. Nice alternative to jittery energy drinks I’ve used in the past.” 


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