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Cheap Supplements

Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money.

Firstly, we want you to know that we have lowered the price of our SIX for MEN daily packs across the board.

  • If you are on our @monthly program, we have already lowered the price of your standing order to $39.95 and as always you continue to enjoy FREE SHIPPING.
  • For the incredibly popular and convenient 3 pack, we have lowered the price by $15 to $134.95 (on sale right now for $119.95) and we are still including a free t-shirt.
  • Our one month pack is now 54.95.   That it is $5 less!
Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money.

Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money with SIX Nutrition’s Vitamins for Men.

So, you are probably wondering how we managed to lower the price, it works like this. We made a conscious decision when we started SIX Nutrition a few years ago that we would sell direct to our customers.  This choice was made because we understood the economics of supplement companies and their products. Cheap supplements are not always good supplements.  Below is why-

If we want to sell a product on a store shelf (like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe) at $49.95, the retailer would buy it for at best 50% of the sales cost (less than $24.95).  There is only a slight possibility that they would buy it directly from us at that price, so they would probably buy it from a wholesaler who would take a cut of about the same magnitude so between $10 and $12 dollars.  The manufacturer (us) needs to make a little money so they would want about the same cut and that means the cost to manufacture of a month supply of that supplement would run about $4-$6. They do this by using fillers and cheap ingredients wherever possible.

Most people just go with it. That is CRAZY, right? Just to be clear, this is very common. That $75 tub of protein you take is amazing, but they make it for about $5-$10. NOW,  here is how we differ from other companies-  we could have taken and used the $4-$6 dollar cost to make a product fit in the market and try to differentiate ourselves somehow, or we could have doubled the quality, spent more than twice as much upfront for an amazing and effective product that works. This meant that if we wanted to sell our product through the traditional supplement channels, after everyone takes their cut, the customer would be paying around $89- $99 for a month supply!

BANANAS! Cheap supplements are not always good supplements.

So,  we cut out the middle men and have been able to pass the savings on to you as the customer and you get a product that is twice as effective for the same price as you would expect to pay at a big box nutrition store. Where most companies start with a $4 cost and build cheap supplements,  We built a product and then figured out the price we would need to sell it at. This still does not explain how we lowered our price though, sorry about the ramble, but not really.

Cheap Supplements

Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money. Get ultimate performance for your body.

You may not know this, but SIX Nutrition was started by a few friends who wanted a supplement that they believed in and was convenient.  We bootstrapped it, worked with the top scientists and formulators and manufacturers in the country and made a product we believed it. Our first production run was outrageous and we barely made enough money to cover the cost of the materials. We believed wholly in the product and people loved it.  Our next production run was larger and thanks to quantities of scale we were able to make a big cost cut in the sourcing of many of our ingredients without sacrificing one thing on quality.  No compromises.

Fast forward a few more years and more than 10 million pills sold and we are able to get some of the absolute lowest prices on the best ingredients around because of our quantities. Instead  of taking and pocketing this money, we want to pass the savings on.  We want to lower the price point so that  more people can try our premium supplements. We want everyone to know that you can buy the best supplements available direct from the manufacturer and by doing so, save money. Right?

Anyway, like we said initially, we have already implemented the change so you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of it, but we would appreciate you passing this info on to anyone who is taking premium or cheap supplements.  Let them know about the economics of cheap supplements. Let them know how you go direct and get the best product available.

Thanks, Team SIX


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