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3 Ways to Enhance Your Workouts

3 Ways to Enhance Your Workouts

Whether you are looking to get a jump on a new you, tired of being tired or maybe you just want to change the way you look, here are 3 Ways to Enhance Your Workouts.

  1. Eat better – Changing the way you eat can enhance your ability to work out. If you eat the right foods to fuel your body, your trips to the gym will result in more progress.

    Astaxanthin in Salmon

    Red coloring in the flesh from Astaxanthin

  2. Take sports vitamins – As you increase the amount of activity in your day, you need your vitamins to keep up. Sports vitamins give you the nutrition you need to help your body build muscle.

    Sleep better with higher omega-3 levels

    Sleep better with higher omega-3 levels

  3. Switch up your workout – If you do the same workout for an extended period of time, your body gets used to it and you plateau. Find a new workout plan every eight weeks to switch it up.100 Mile Ultra Running

Give your body a complete makeover by adding complete nutrition to your intake. has the supplements for the six health benefits you need.

Customers who love SIX Nutrition – Philip Lee

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Customers who love SIX Nutrition – Philip Lee

Philip Lee

Professor Phil Lee

We would like to introduce you to Philip Lee.  He was one of our first customers at SIX Nutrition.   He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education and currently an Assistant Professor at a public interest law school in DC.

Philip was bullied as a young child until he started to learn martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai).  Interestingly enough though he says, “it wasn’t the punches, kicks, or throws that stopped the victimization, but the confidence that came from the learning process”.

As a favorite role model, Philip does not have to look far to see his father, who is “inspired by love and tells the truth”. Philip is currently running and lifting weights three times a week while trying to balance being a law professor with being a husband to an amazing woman and being a father to three energetic children (ages 5, 3, and 1).

Even if he were completely independently wealthy, he would not change much about what he is doing as he enjoys the life he leads. 

Philip, we appreciate your support and business.  We applaud your diligence and wish you the best in the rest of your 2014 goals. Best of luck as you exercise consistently, vacation with you wife and kids in a tropical location, and publish your book about academic freedom.   

Paleo Multivitamin?

Is there such thing as a Paleo Multivitamin and should I be taking it?

The paleo diet, by gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin, is one of the most natural ways to improve your health. To adhere to the paleo diet, one lives by the guiding principle that our bodies evolved to digest certain types of foods. Since the agricultural revolution came after our bodies evolved to digest meat, vegetables, berries, and nuts, paleo diet proponents argue that it is not healthy for our bodies to make them process wheat products, legumes, or starchy carbohydrates.  These foods are some of the most nutrient dense but there are reasons to supplement.  If you want a paleo multivitamin it’s worth knowing what to look for.

Paleo Multivitamins

SIX Nutrition’s: Paleo Multivitamins

The idea of supplementing while living the paleo lifestyle is not inferring that our diets are not healthy but rather that there are nutrients that we might want more of.  Thats the reason we made SIX Nutrition and why a Paleo multivitamin is worthwhile. The wholesome foods considered to be paleo include game meat, fish, vegetables, wild fruits,  eggs, and nuts. As a general rule, these foods are high in animal fat and protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars. Here is a short list of reasons a paleo multivitamin, like SIX Nutrition, makes sense.

1. Most vitamins are tablets and are not readily absorbed.  SIX Nutrition only uses the highest quality capsules for rapid and proper absorption.  Whatever paleo multivitamin you choose, be sure to buy one that is encapsulated. See our post about tablet vs capsule vitamins here

Paleo Multivitamin 2. It’s not necessarily important to get high amounts of omega-3, but it’s really important to balance omega-3 and omega-6 consumption. The goal is not to eat more and more omega-3 fats, but less and less omega-6. Don’t go overboard and try not to have any thought, they are essential fats after all. If you don’t frequently consume more omega-6 fats than our ancestors would have, you would probably benefit from either eating more wild oily fish or 1 or 2 grams of high quality fish oil per day in your Paleo Multivitamin

3.  Probiotics improve the digestion of the foods you eat for the most natural pure energy from your normal foods.

4. Natural Energy from caffeine is superior to lab grown anhydrous caffeine. Green tea and Guarana seed extract have naturally smooth caffeine for all day energy.

5. Vitamin D- Unless you eat tons of wild caught oily fish and get plenty of sunlight exposure, chances are you would benefit from more vitamin D. 

6.  CoQ10.Heart disease is a major killer in our country, primarily because of our diet. A recent study in Japan revealed that clinically ill patients who suffered from severe heart failure readily absorbed ubiquinol CoQ10 into their bloodstreams and showed improvements in all health parameters.

7.  The Paleo diet provides a far better mix than the typical American diet but when we make the change to Paleo, we are already starting with a deficit, as evidenced by bad body composition, poor energy levels, and altered hormones.

Most people making the change to the Paleo lifestyle are coming from diet that is usually not optimal, like a typical American diet. Moreover, the USA food supply is so altered that most Americans may not be getting the full nutritional value that they could or should get.  This is the primary reason it is such a good idea to use a Paleo multivitamin.

Want to know more about paleo and how a Paleo multivitamin could be beneficial?  Check out our what is Paleo blog post here.

Cheap Supplements

Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money.

Firstly, we want you to know that we have lowered the price of our SIX for MEN daily packs across the board.

  • If you are on our @monthly program, we have already lowered the price of your standing order to $39.95 and as always you continue to enjoy FREE SHIPPING.
  • For the incredibly popular and convenient 3 pack, we have lowered the price by $15 to $134.95 (on sale right now for $119.95) and we are still including a free t-shirt.
  • Our one month pack is now 54.95.   That it is $5 less!
Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money.

Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money with SIX Nutrition’s Vitamins for Men.

So, you are probably wondering how we managed to lower the price, it works like this. We made a conscious decision when we started SIX Nutrition a few years ago that we would sell direct to our customers.  This choice was made because we understood the economics of supplement companies and their products. Cheap supplements are not always good supplements.  Below is why-

If we want to sell a product on a store shelf (like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe) at $49.95, the retailer would buy it for at best 50% of the sales cost (less than $24.95).  There is only a slight possibility that they would buy it directly from us at that price, so they would probably buy it from a wholesaler who would take a cut of about the same magnitude so between $10 and $12 dollars.  The manufacturer (us) needs to make a little money so they would want about the same cut and that means the cost to manufacture of a month supply of that supplement would run about $4-$6. They do this by using fillers and cheap ingredients wherever possible.

Most people just go with it. That is CRAZY, right? Just to be clear, this is very common. That $75 tub of protein you take is amazing, but they make it for about $5-$10. NOW,  here is how we differ from other companies-  we could have taken and used the $4-$6 dollar cost to make a product fit in the market and try to differentiate ourselves somehow, or we could have doubled the quality, spent more than twice as much upfront for an amazing and effective product that works. This meant that if we wanted to sell our product through the traditional supplement channels, after everyone takes their cut, the customer would be paying around $89- $99 for a month supply!

BANANAS! Cheap supplements are not always good supplements.

So,  we cut out the middle men and have been able to pass the savings on to you as the customer and you get a product that is twice as effective for the same price as you would expect to pay at a big box nutrition store. Where most companies start with a $4 cost and build cheap supplements,  We built a product and then figured out the price we would need to sell it at. This still does not explain how we lowered our price though, sorry about the ramble, but not really.

Cheap Supplements

Cheap Supplements; See how going direct saves you money. Get ultimate performance for your body.

You may not know this, but SIX Nutrition was started by a few friends who wanted a supplement that they believed in and was convenient.  We bootstrapped it, worked with the top scientists and formulators and manufacturers in the country and made a product we believed it. Our first production run was outrageous and we barely made enough money to cover the cost of the materials. We believed wholly in the product and people loved it.  Our next production run was larger and thanks to quantities of scale we were able to make a big cost cut in the sourcing of many of our ingredients without sacrificing one thing on quality.  No compromises.

Fast forward a few more years and more than 10 million pills sold and we are able to get some of the absolute lowest prices on the best ingredients around because of our quantities. Instead  of taking and pocketing this money, we want to pass the savings on.  We want to lower the price point so that  more people can try our premium supplements. We want everyone to know that you can buy the best supplements available direct from the manufacturer and by doing so, save money. Right?

Anyway, like we said initially, we have already implemented the change so you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of it, but we would appreciate you passing this info on to anyone who is taking premium or cheap supplements.  Let them know about the economics of cheap supplements. Let them know how you go direct and get the best product available.

Thanks, Team SIX

3 Reasons to Increase Your Electrolyte Intake

3 Reasons to Increase Your Electrolyte Intake

3 Reasons to Increase Your Electrolyte Intake

3 Reasons to Increase Your Electrolyte Intake

  1. pH Regulation: Our bodies’ pH levels directly affect our digestion, nervous, respiratory, and other bodily systems. Electrolytes flood our bodies with necessary hydrogen ions, crucial in balancing overly acidic bodies.
  2. Muscle Contraction: Calcium, one of the most important electrolytes, decreases muscular lactic acid buildup, protecting against post-workout contractions.
  3. Healthy Cell Function: Our cells reproduce multiple times daily. Flooding our bodies with electrolytes helps aid cell function and reproduction, to decrease potentially cancerous mutations.

Would you like to increase your daily electrolyte intake? Six Nutrition offers great electrolyte enhanced products to boost wellness and overall health.

Introducing SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women

SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women

After 3 years of formulating, testing, and perfecting: SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women, is now available.

When we started SIX Nutrition about 3 years ago we built the perfect men’s vitamin because, well frankly, 4 of the 5 of us founders are men.  We knew we wanted a women’s version of such an amazing product but women are categorically different than men and we wanted to get it right from day one. We wanted to be able to compliment SIX for MEN with SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women.

We met with wives, moms, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, athletes, professionals, doctors, lawyers, students, and everyone we knew could give us input and feedback on the needs of women.  We took that to our scientists and formulators for their review and input and all they said was, “Wow! This is more than complete, this is incredible”.

So after formulating our SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women we tested them with the same wives, moms, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, athletes, professionals, doctors, lawyers, students…  You get the picture.  We tweaked some stuff, tested again, and round and around until we felt that we could put the SIX Nutrition name on this product and feel good recommending it to the women we loved.

SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women

SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women

It is with that in mind that we are thrilled to introduce the newest members of the SIX Nutrition family. SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women.  With products made specifically for women like:

Women’s Health
Women’s Multi
Bone Health
Nordic Pure Omega 3’s
Free Form L-Arginine 
Women’s Energy

Order for you, or the special lady in your life, today at

Want to better understand what we mean by how women need different vitamins than men and about SIX for WOMEN: Vitamins for Women?  Check out this blog post by Ali Smith- Women Need Different Vitamins Than Men


Introducing Hydra: All Day Hydration

Introducing Hydra:

All Day Hydration.  Electrolytes +.

HYDRA: All day nutrition

Introducing Hydra: All day Hydration from SI Nutrition

If you’re reading this, you are a human and your body consists of 70% water. Guess what? Water evaporates. And when water evaporates from your body, it leaves you in a bad place–depleting you of hydration and precious, electrolytes. So, whether you’re running an Ultra across the Mohave, or just sitting at your desk– get all day hydration withHYDRA

At SIX Nutrition we only create quality products that we use daily and we stand behind; Hydra epitomizes that completely. Hydra is the ultimate  all day hydration drink mix.  Use a couple small scoops to your water bottle when you workout or go a little thicker with it for an extra kick mid afternoon to help you crank out those emails you put off all day.

We recently shared Hydra with Ultra Runners at the SIX Nutrition Salt Flats 100 and we were blown away with the response with feedback like our friend Sean said “I notice a strong, but smooth influx in energy within about 15 minutes of taking this product. Nice alternative to jittery energy drinks I’ve used in the past.” 

Try Hydra today and get and of course our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee here

All day nutrition: Hydra

HYDRA: ENERGY Legendary Hydration

All day Hydration Hydra: Focus + Eloctrolytes

HYDRA: FOCUS Legendary Hydration

The Story Behind the Legend

Featured in most regions, the HYDRA tonics were valiantly reaped, centuries ago, from the ichor of the grand serpent–Hydra. Soon after, the tonics mysteriously vanished, drifted into fabled legend, and were thought to be lost for all time…

Now, forged within the eternal spring, HYDRA’s master ENERGY meld is imbued with vitamins & natural energy to function symbioticlly within the metabolism of your own flesh. It delivers to you an undeviating, unwavering pure energy for your forthcoming battles.


Sports Nutrition – Why it Matters to You.

Sports Nutrition – Why it Matters to You.

Sports Nutrition and the Average Joe Whether you’re a weekend warrior or world class athlete, your body is most likely…

10 Effects of Dehydration on Performance – and How to Prevent Them

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10 Effects of Dehydration on Performance – and How to Prevent Them

10 Effects of Dehydration on Performance – and How to Prevent Them  You’ve heard of dehydration and most likely experienced…

Red Pill or Blue Pill, the choice is yours. -SIX Nutrition’s award winning vitamins.

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You remember the Matrix, right?
Morpheus says,MatrixBluePillRedPill
“This is your last chance. You take the blue pill – the story ends. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”    

Well, we have a choice for you as well.   You can a sample of SIX Nutrition’s award winning vitamins for men and you can take the one day sample, the blue pill.  
Statistically, 10% of people who request the sample and get it in the mail take it and only 2% ever do anything after that.   

Your other option is to take the red pill– which in this situation means we are offering a chance for you to change the way you live and improve what you do from day to day.
10 out of 10 of people who use a week’s worth of SIX Nutrition’s VITAMINS for MEN,  felt a marked difference in their health and energy. They report being more focused and productive and getting more out of their workouts.
A month supply of SIX for MEN is normally $60 and the monthly renewal program is $45 a month which includes free shipping. You never worry about running out and you can feel the benefits of SIX right off the bat.
You can cancel at anytime but we are so confident you will absolutely love our exclusive multi-vitamin and supplement blend that we offer a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. 
Just like in the Matrix, no one can be told what the Matrix is, and with SIX, no one can be told how your body will stretch to reach it’s potential.  You have to see for yourself.
Now, as we extend our hands out with pills towards you, remember, the choice is yours and yours alone.
Award winning vitamins: SIX Nutrition, Vitamins for Men, Single daily pouch

Daily pouch of SIX Nutrition’s: Vitamins for Men supplement

The Blue Pill: Grab a 1 time sample for 2.95 .
The Red Pill:  Use the code SOCIAL for $10 off and start your journey to the new you with SIX Nutrition.
All that we are offering is the truth. Nothing more.