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Customers who love SIX Nutrition- Charles Baker

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We’d like to introduce you to Charles Baker.  He was one of our first  customers at SIX Nutrition and a CrossFit beast.   He currently works as a Graduation Coach for a major university  as well as at Ground Zero CrossFit.  


Growing up he was always the last one picked. While this never deterred him from doing the best he could at what he was getting picked for he was not quite the athlete that some kids his age were. Charles had always been what some might call “fluffy” and would try on a daily basis to curl the bars, push the weights, and pull the inner beast, he thought he always had, out.

Charles B Crossfit Dealdift

Charles, a coach at Ground Zero CrossFit doing a dead lift

He attributes much of his physical success to CrossFit; it has made that beast inside him come alive. Seeing his growth inside come to life has inspired him to try and help others do the same.

Charles takes @Monthly  SIX for MEN because it,  “Gives me the sustaining energy I need throughout the day and a big boost when I need it in the morning. (5:30am) Let’s just say, if I miss a day of my SIX, I’m not as sharp as I need to be”.

When we asked him what he would share with others to inspire them, he said , “Never give up. Period. Make tomorrow better than today”.

Charles and his wife are expecting their first child this year and at the top of his list of goals this year is to be a great dad.

Charles, congratulations on all you have done.  We wish you the best this year as you continue to unleash your inner beast.


#Official Sponsor of Going Further – SIX Nutrition

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#officialsponsor of winter

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